Just A Seeker

I do not blame the angry

For their disillusionment;

Or seek to mar the finders

With a scientific bent


So many that I meet know what

Has been, and what will be:

But I am just a seeker,

I have little certainty


I cannot say I don’t know what

Hate is, for that’s not true:

I cannot see the world as I

Am sure it’s seen by you


The words I want to hear from you

Are ones that you have spoken;

Not ones that I have placed there

As a cheap replacement token


So tell me how you came to be

The you that’s come to be:

The pathway that you tread upon,

The truth that sets you free –


And where our paths diverge, then we

Can wish each other well —

I seek to hear your good, for I

Have only mine to tell


I do not know where you are now,

Perhaps we’ll never speak —

But one thing seems, well, obvious:

And that’s

That seekers


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