One View of Winter as She Leaves

One view of Winter as she leaves
Is that she was an irksome guest;
Vexatious in her swings of mood
And frequent bouts of grubbiness.

But other see her differently.
Her robe of patient white they’ll miss;
They sit and watch her slip away
And like a mother

Photo / painting credit : © Summersea |


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3 Thoughts to “One View of Winter as She Leaves

  1. J continues to love truck music videos. One of his favorite is of snow cats, so that he asked me to see them dozens of times on our commute earlier this week. I explained several times that, while I don’t control other vehicles’ movements, it’s especially unlikely we’d see one in these parts. It made me miss real winter, the same kind of missing I feel here as I reflect on how right it feels to have a period of relative hibernation. I embrace it.

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