A Play

The storm put on a play for us,
The starring roles were waves;
Production values were sublime,
And played ‘cross coves and caves —

The ocean reached into the sky,
The sky became the sea;
In beauty and magnificence,
Chaotic purity —

The waves came back to take their bows,
The ocean roared applause;
We stood in wonder at it all,
That truth that blinds, not gnaws —

That we aren’t insignificant,
Although at times we feel:
It’s just when nature takes the stage
There’s little else
Seems real

Photo / Painting by Holly

the storm rolls in and over her

the storm rolls in and over her;

a world of changing metaphor:

of summer sunlight turned to rain –

to dark and damp and ever-pour –


inside the rainbow of her dreams,

yet lives a shadow, once in light —

the storm rolls in and covers her,

and helpless day gives way

to hopeless