colors dripping down…

colors dripping down waterways of pure passion flowing into hopes we thought that we had given up to prove ourselves mature

what a day

arms wide out — the sky in freckled wonder born, a moment twisted into beauty stretched across this canvas

water fallen

he asked her once why she was so afraid – if he had known how badly he scared her he would not have asked   water fallen, as a dream   that drifts upon a mountainside;   water fallen, every day   across a heart that’s deep and wide she told him once that he … Continue reading "water fallen"

A Play

The storm put on a play for us, The starring roles were waves; Production values were sublime, And played ‘cross coves and caves — The ocean reached into the sky, The sky became the sea; In beauty and magnificence, Chaotic purity — The waves came back to take their bows, The ocean roared applause; We … Continue reading "A Play"

bright and kissing

loving hearts go silent, missing, seeking colors bright and kissing, melted paths escaping sorrow, blurring into some tomorrow we once dreamed of, yesterday — ere we gave our hearts away