I Keep A Blog So…

I keep a blog so I can be the hero
For in real life, this rarely is the case;
In others’ eyes, I’ve been at times the villain
They see what I cannot see in my face

Since I’m a boss and also an ex-husband
I’m sure the worst of me’s been frequent shown;
I also am a father and stepfather
I can assume my faults are clearly known

Including those I’ve prob’ly long been blind to.
I use this space then to maintain a sham:
I keep a blog so I can be a hero
But in real life
I’m can’t flee
Who I am

4 thoughts on “I Keep A Blog So…

  1. LOL, GMTA, R. Todd! The very phrase came into my mind!

    Beleaguered Servant, people who write truth (and thus, hope) and not least of all in poetic form, are — like those many who share their eye-view from beauty-seeking cameras — heroes indeed.

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