Second Date

She said

Well, it’s like this:
I met somebody that I liked
And he and I were dating, and
And I think it’s going fine

When, all at once, he changes.
He starts making these demands
On how I’m supposed to act and dress.
Like, giving me commands

So I tell him to hit the bricks.
And I had to ask myself
What it is about me, that
These things happen?

I said I didn’t think that it was her…
She said then

Look, I don’t know much about you.
I do not know what you are all about, or
If you’ll end up like so many others.
But I am afraid. So I’ll put it out there:
I like you. And I want to date you
But only if
You will be good to me.

So I sat there
A few silent seconds
And said

I don’t know that much about you either.
But I can tell you two things:

One – I want to learn more about you
Because I like what I know so far.

Two – It’s all I can do to control my own life.
I don’t do the whole
“Controlling others”

She smiled and said

So where do we go from here?

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