Really? (Part I)


It was a coolish summer night
A bunch of us outside:
This friend who had a houseboat
And a lot of beer supplied

And I was kind of quiet.
Don’t know why – just being cool –
When she came up to talk to me
She worked days at the school –

And she was not much like the girls
That usually came my way;
And I was not much like myself
I had little to say

We drank, she did the talking;
It grew late out by the shore —
And I was still aloof, which seemed
To make her want me more

And I thought, “That’s what women want;
They want to do the work.
No wonder every girl I know
Is with some stupid jerk.

So I can be one too, I guess,” –
She moved in for a kiss –
“And really,” I thought, “really –
That is all there is to this?”

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