Really? (Part II)

And so I spent the next 12 months
Behaving in this way:
With every girl I’d meet I’d have
Almost nothing to say

Which made me strangely popular
More than I’d ever been;
I was never myself, but thought,
“Girls don’t want that from men.”

But suddenly, I met someone
Who did the same to me;
I called it out – a tactic –
And she smiled that I could see

“Most men like to talk about
Themselves, I’ve always found.”
And it was hard to argue
For her reasoning was sound

I mentioned that I usually
Found women just the same.
And both of us were laughing
That we both played the same game

And suddenly I liked her
And I think that she liked me
And she told me the truth
And got my fullest honesty

She was a stunning actress
With a fabulous career;
And the few weeks she was around
I always was sincere

And showed my human weakness,
But – I loved that time back then;
And swore I’d never ever
Be a fake with girls again


Alas, for frail humanity
At least, alas for mine:
I did the best I could, I guess,
And most the time was fine

But it’s hard to be honest, when
You struggle, image-wise:
And when the person that your with’s
More comforted
By lies

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