Last Minute Replacement

My junior year in high school
I skipped a lot, I fear;
And so was failing typing
The last day of the year

My typing teacher asked for help
For she was in a strait;
Her graduation organist
Had to go out of state

I said I’d like to help her
But that I was afraid
That I was on restriction
For one really bad grade

She said, this isn’t normal
The Final grades are cast
But you could take it once again
This time, you might have passed

And so I took my final
Right after school that day
Lo and behold, I passed it
She told me right away

I played at graduation
I sight read everything
From simple “Pomp and Circumstance”
To parts where people’d sing

An hour before, and I was doomed
The whole thing turned around
Because I played the organ and
Somebody else left town

Prompt: “Saved by the Bell”

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