She knocked on my apartment door
One afternoon at half past four
To introduce herself to me
As new in number 203

Now, I was making pizza then
And listening to Beethoven
I asked her to come in and sit
And turned the music down a bit

We talked about the neighborhood
She said that something sure smelled good
I asked if she would eat with me
And she said yes, did 203

We ate, and drank the wine she brought
And after dinner, we soon thought
We’d go out for a walk perforce
While she told me of her divorce

And as we walked down by the sand
I found that as I touched her hand
She lightly grabbed a hold of it
And so we stayed and talked a bit

Then walked back in the summer dark
Back through the now deserted park
To where we started out before
Her 203, me 204

I looked into her quiet eyes
And then began to realize
The choice that lay before me there
As she had laid her conscience bare

As most men would do, so did I
But it all faded by-and-by;
Just her somewhere, and elsewhere, me –
And nothing left in 203

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