I have beliefs and values, it is true;
But I want to communicate with you.
The real you, not some front or some facade;
There person who you are, in all the odd

Circumstance that makes up where you’ve been,
The tangledness of women, and of men
I’m fortunate to meet along my way
As each of us goes through the solar day.

My friends of other countries and beliefs –
Each buoyed by joy, perhaps, or weighed by griefs –
They make the world of truth I want to know.
Each of us just a flake within the snow

Or piece of soot within the grimy air.
My life herein is given for you there
For all I am is someone just like me
My only coin
Is naked


Inspired by this post, which is currently being kept private by the blog’s author. So don’t bother clicking just yet.


PS – Yes, I know I use a pseudonym. But this is really me.

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