Goodbye, Old Life

[This is a reworking of the first blog post I ever wrote, in prose, on another hosting site, after my divorce and selling of our old house. – Owen] It’s time to say goodbye, old life – it’s time for me to go… To notches on the door-frame as we watched our children grow, To … Continue reading "Goodbye, Old Life"

with gratitude

hearts beat but for a time, we make our way to rest. so is it silly preening, now, if i am hashtag-blessed?   for when in trouble sore, we reach out in our pain, we find how many can relate to sorrow’s heavy bane —   but that can’t (surely) mean when fortune breaks the … Continue reading "with gratitude"

in soul of search mates

  belonging. the sad is search and difficult with all of its dramatics to turn oneself into a prize it’s moral acrobatics we love because we love to love to need to feel inside but all that ever was and is is made of clove and pride we string along our platitudes we soon evince … Continue reading "in soul of search mates"


Yes, I know I use a pseudonym.