Every Poem I Write, Decoded

Love is better than hate,
Except with that rat-bastard, my soon-to-be ex-son-in-law,
For whom hate might just be too good.

Every Poem 2

A lazy cloud, a summer day,
A sailboat coasting cross the way,
A world that’s full of joy and sun,
And I wish their divorce was final and she could just get the hell away from him.

Every Poem 3

The earth will turn, the days will pass away,
And winter will occur as long it’s done;
The darkest night becomes, at some point, day –
The course is as it was, and must be run.

Her heart lies broken as so many are,
And here I sit and type as though that would
Do anything for her or anyone
That’s anything like any bit of good.

And yes, these words are useless – that is true –
But I can hope for hope;
It’s what
I do

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5 Thoughts to “Every Poem I Write, Decoded

  1. Sounds like all of you are having a rough time of it. Hope it’s sorted asap so you can all (especially your daughter) can start healing.
    Hang on in there!

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