Tracy’s Sister

(Part 6 of 8)

Tracy 6

But something yet her conscience stung:
She had a younger sister who
She’d “raised” since they were ten and two —
Their mom had died when they were young —

This sister was a troubled soul
Who really, really hated change;
Her marriage, now, would rearrange
Big sister’s long-time cherished role…

She knew she had to tell her, though,
And meant to do it face-to-face.
She pulled up to her sister’s place
And wondered how well it would go

Her sister sat in silence stunned.
“You’re getting married?” – all she said –
And turned and sadly shook her head,
For love and men were things she shunned

And Tracy sat there for a spell,
Then quietly got up and left.
She knew her sister felt bereft,
And so did she. There is no hell

Like that a family has inside,
When those within your hopes would drown
And try to hold you back or down.
There is no gulf that feels
More wide

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