The Christmas Trip

(Part 5 of 8)

Tracy 5

That winter, their first trip they’d take –
To do some shopping, see some sights –
And there, beneath the Christmas lights
By an unfrozen city lake

The walked along a winding track.
She didn’t notice him look out
Or have suspicions, any doubt,
Or see the ring behind his back

They reached a bridge out to an isle,
He stopped, and got down on one knee,
And asked her, “Will you marry me,”
She looked at him with such a smile

As he remembers to this day.
Of all her looks he loves – the best –
She gazed him at smiled, “…yes.”
And then a band began to play

That he’d arranged. It all went right:
The trip, the walk and everything.
He hadn’t fumbled, dropped the ring –
And she said yes. Oh, what a night —

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