(This is what has been happening in my house the last two days. – Owen)

So, yesterday, she went to get her stuff;
He’s there, but still won’t say exactly why
Her outcast love’s been left to starve and die
Nor why all that she’s given’s not enough

To merit explanation from the one
Who said that we would love her all his life;
Who took her, one glad day, to be his wife.
Her night is full of tears, and now, the sun

Will find her waking, yearning for a touch:
Wond’ring how love
So good
Could hurt
So much

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2 Thoughts to “2015-09-29

  1. They could still work it out… but should they? If a lovely wife and child doesn’t do it for him, perhaps nothing will and this would be inevitable. At any rate, I understand too well, and will hold you all in thought and prayer.

  2. Keeping them in my thoughts…been there done that enough to know both sides and it’s never easy, even when it may be the best.

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