Street Hockey Kindness

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Daily Prompt: “Pay It Forward” – Tell us about a time when you responded to an act of kindness with one of your own.

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“Pay it forward” – there’s a phrase –
Don’t know if I’ve done it:
If there is a goodness badge,
I don’t think I’ve won it.

I was kind once, I remember –
Seems like it was yesterday;
Although, I think I was seven.
See, the kid around the way

Wanted to play hockey with us.
So I told him, “hey, come play!”
And so, I was kind of kind once,
And perhaps, I should essay

To be more kind now I’m older.
Many have been kind to me;
So I guess, I’ll pay it forward,
You all have
My guarantee

2 thoughts on “Street Hockey Kindness

  1. I was a Little Sister once,
    and benefited greatly from that time;
    so I became a Big in turn,
    an experience quite sublime.

    So glad was I to be a Big,
    I did it once again;
    in passing on the favor,
    becoming a better sister,
    and friend.

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