With Tears

I sit here in my study far away,

With tears upon my face from what I’m reading;

That beauty’s not in knowing what will come,

Nor any guarantee we’ll be succeeding —


But beauty comes in knowing, on our journey,

That we are loved, and loving in return;

That every painful day and night we’ve lived through

Is one more loving lesson that we’ve learned


Now, let the autumn come in all its splendor:

The drive ahead’s astounding in its sights —

The sun is rising here, on our life’s parkway,

To days of love

And shining



= = = = =

(… inspired by this post …)

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3 Thoughts to “With Tears

  1. The alarm just went off seconds ago, so I daren’t dream of finding the right words for my feeling reading this. I’ll have to settle for some that are in the right vicinity: thank you. What a way to start the day!

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