The vistas of your mind

I see the vistas of your mind   as carried through your words;   the colors of your feelings,   ever-changing – The way you restlessly explore   each strange and new adventure;   the many places that your heart   is ranging — And what this is, is hard to know:   your vision, … Continue reading "The vistas of your mind"


This post was inspired by a post from the Not Throwing Stones blog. – Owen I realize I could do about 300 days* of posts beginning with “I love {x}”, and never repeat a single x, but anyway: I love blown glass. All through my latter teens, twenties, and thirties, I had a small blown … Continue reading "Glassblowing"

Painful Defeat

My Latin is so horrible, I might have gotten this all wrong.


.. a response to another blogger's post.

With Tears

"Deborah the Closet Monster" brings the honesty every day -- if I'd never read her blog, my life would be considerably poorer for it.