The Source

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Young and the Rested.”

My wife’s birthday was Labor Day
Kind of ironic for her mother
Who, as it happened, joined a number of us
At a steakhouse last night to celebrate

My wife’s mom is eighty-seven
My wife had just turned [redacted]
Both of them spent the evening laughing
Handing the various babies and toddlers around

And I thought
Where do they get all that energy from?
I know people ask that about children, but
I now ask it of older people who have energy
Where does it come from?

And, knowing my wife, as I do
The single most overriding feature of her
Personality is

She loved everyone there
And everyone there loves her

I walked out last night
Carrying bags with gifts and cards
Both of us tired
But both of us

Feeling energized
Both full
And grateful

Because nothing is more refreshing
Than gratitude

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