Book, Line and Sinker

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Bedtime Stories.”

Like many, maybe most —
My “favorite book” changed every single day.
I know I read a bunch —
But I still have them all, and they’re right here.

The Hardy Boys, whose world I lived within;
And “Peanuts” – Charlie Brown and his whole gang;
There’s “Harry Potter” here, and comic books —
There’s Dr. Seuss, and there’s Shel Silverstein —

A Louis Untermeyer book of poems;
There’s Stevenson (that’s Treasure Island); and
“A Child’s Garden of Verses” here as well
There’s Narnia, and Middle-Earth, those lands.

There’s Laura Ingalls Wilder in a set;
There’s Madeline L’Engle here in threes:
There’s Lois Lowry, and “The Phantom Tollbooth”,
There’s fourteen “Oz” books here, by L. Frank Baum.

There’s “Johnny Tremain”, “The Mouse and the Motorcycle”,
“The Happy Hollisters” and “Doctor Doolittle” (a whole set) –
There are “Star Trek” and “Space: 1999” anthologies;
There’s the “Foundation” series, seven books.

I read these all when I was just a kid.
And I still have them, ’cause, well

4 thoughts on “Book, Line and Sinker

  1. Shadow of Iris

    What a great collection of Oz books! And your poem hits all the old favorites—excellent!

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