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Here at Department of Overkill
We have a style all our own:
We take off our shoes, get in a line,
Then all hold hands and groan

For life is style: style, life;
Just ask my daughters or my wife,
Who tell me I should take more care
With things like ties, and shoes, and hair

My stylishness is more than that –
Finding new ways to hide I’m fat;
I hold out forlorn hopes for fate
That maybe you’ll hallucinate

And think I’m slim and stylish when
I’m looking more like “Gentle Ben”,
These days, between my beard and girth;
And giant bear upon the earth

My style shows a sincere lack
Of having any kind of knack
Or, perhaps better, kind of ease
With the basic proprieties.

So my Department I will mind
And Overkill this all the while:
I have not style to speak of, but
I kind of pull that off
With style

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2 Thoughts to “Turn-Style

  1. Loved your poem. Also, some women like a man with a little extra girth, if for no other reason that it makes them more secure in their own excesses!!! Your poem is not only clever, but it really rhymes but also scans!

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