I’m Pretty Patient, But Abacus Up A Storm

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Isn’t Your Face Red

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment?

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When was I last not embarrased –
That is harder to recall;
Constantly, I’m disconcerted
Having to speak up at all

Though most people do not know it,
I would rather never speak:
Standing there in silence, squinting,
Like Clint Eastwood at his peak

But my life and job require
That I must communicate:
Introverted, red as fire,
Nervously, I perspirate

So I start each day with dreading,
Full of nineteen kinds of fear:
Look, I am a mathematician –
I’m embarrassed
Being here

One thought on “I’m Pretty Patient, But Abacus Up A Storm

  1. I get that (perhaps?) and thus, sympathize. For me (so far), only in the non-verbal is there a way to open the mouth of the heart without any of the undesired bilious-odious sneaking out — and even then, it’s dicey.

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