I like to dedicate this piece
To all my favorite blogs;
Which if you’re reading this,
Is prob’ly yours

I’d recommend your reading
All the many blogs I do:
They’re worth exploring,
Taking reading tours

I used to go at times for days,
No honest interaction:
Nobody ever saying
What they feel

But now I have before me
Many people’s secret thoughts;
A small oasis of
The true and real

So thank you now for sharing
Words that may be hard to speak
With people you encounter
Every day

I’m grateful for the chance,
Although I’m unlikely to meet you;
To hear the things
You really want
To say

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4 Thoughts to “Dedicatory

  1. “No honest interaction:
    Nobody ever saying
    What they feel…”

    My family, every Christmas, Thanksgiving, funerals, birthdays, bar mitzvahs etc… aah happy days..

    Nice poem, btw. 😉

    1. Thanks, friend.

      I’m very grateful for your blog, by the way; it is one of the first I ever read when I started blogging seriously, and it is still one of my absolute favorites.

      1. Wow, thank you. *blushes* Considering the amount of work you share and the level of talent you show with each piece, I am honored to have you say that 🙂

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