As a kid I longed to be
A man steeped in astronomy;
To work with chart and telescope
To range my mind in future hope

For in the outer worlds I’d see
The new worlds of humanity;
The places we would go one day
Undreamed of visions far away

So I worked to make this all real:
I kept in college my ideal –
But found blocked my aspiring
When NASA wasn’t hiring

And so I took a different course
And worked for the US Air Force
In mathematics, my degree.
So there went twenty-something me.

From there I switched to something new
I happened then to kind of view;
T’was not things flying, aerial
But rather, actuarial

And so my daily work these days
The worlds of Gauss, Euler, and Bayes.
My planets all stasticial;
And the odds, astronomical

That I’d end up where I am now.
But that it where it went, and how
I went from searching outer space
To doing math work
In this


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