A Song of Generations

A Daily Prompt Poem

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People I’ve known, throughout the country
People of every description and creed
Young and old, all colors, all dispositions, all backgrounds
Men, women, boys, girls, short, tall, thin, heavy

Those whose wrinkles tell more stories than I could ever post on this blog
Those so young that the very act of seeing is a new experience
Those who express themselves in gesture, in word, in movement, in action
Those who could not express themselves: the tired, the sick, the indigent
All of those who make up what life is
Who make this country what it is

I have also seen the charlatans, the hucksters, the con artists
I have seen the scavengers, the vultures, those that prey upon the old and weak
I have seen that these people cross all divides
They come in all colors, all parties, all economic classes, all professed creeds
Including the creed of not professing a creed

The oldest fought
For what the old have built
That those of saving age, support
That those in working ages seek to improve
That the young dream of reshaping
That the child and infant motivate us to reach for

Across the generations
One voice
Different views
One humanity
Divergent tastes
One nation
Shared responsibility
Individual freedom
Generations linked together

One symphony
Composed of
Many many songs


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