How It Started

Hello, my name is Angus.

Hi, there. I’m Damara. Don’t you think the band is good?

They are good, two of them are friends. Can I buy you a drink?

No thanks, I’ve got one. We can talk… my roommate’s gone to dance.

I’m in engineering school. Are you here in school as well?

Yes. I’m to be a teacher.

What age do you think you will teach?

I think kids pretty small.

What’s that?

I think kids pretty small, maybe six or seven years old.

You might have my nephew. He’s only three now, but by the time you get out…

So, why engineering?

I like to make things, build things, fix things. It seemed to make sense.

You seem like a person whose family has money… maybe?

Why do you say that?

You seem smoother than most of these local boys.

Well, thanks, but no, my family lost all their money. I’m here on scholarship.

I didn’t mean anything bad by it…

I didn’t take it bad. What about you, what’s your story?

Fifth of six kids… my dad’s a grocer. My mom is the most traditional person in the country.

Are you?

Am I… what?

Are you traditional?

Depends on what you mean. Maybe.

Are you so traditional you wouldn’t dance with someone you just met?

Are you asking me to dance?


Then, yes


2 thoughts on “How It Started

  1. Dear Owen,
    I am having a blast with your blogs. Poem after poem(and prose) of fun, ironies, and semi truths.
    It is funny to me in an ironic way that I found this dialogue poem/prose piece ‘How it Started’ tonight because last night one of my friends was saying he never understood how the “pick up ” a girl act a bar worked.
    I immediately thought of my friends face and the sound of his voice saying I will never understand that when I read ‘How it Started’ .
    Thank you for your posts, prose, and poems.
    Best and Regards,

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