On Target

I dreamed I was walking through Target in my hometown
You know exactly it that looked like
If you’ve ever been in one

I saw a grandmother, mother, and daughter
These three women walked towards me speaking
But I couldn’t understand the words

I turned to the two men next to me
Who were holding up and discussing home fixtures
But I could not understand them, either

Four high-school girls were laughing near the greeting cards
They weren’t speaking Spanish or English
Or any other terrestrial language

Of course
I recognize the sound of young girls laughing

I stood in line to check out
Understanding nothing of all that was said around me
When the thought struck me, as I was paying:

If you know what you are looking at
And you understand what people want
What difference does it make

If you don’t
The words?

= = = = =

Photo credit: © Jackbluee | Dreamstime.com – Target Store Cashier Customer Holiday Shopping Photo

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