Kelli’s Got A Boyfriend


Kelli’s got a boyfriend,
He likes her to pose:
So she sends him pictures
In her very hottest clothes

Some, she wears a little, and
In some she wears a lot;
But since he is her boyfriend
She will give him what she’s got

Kelli’s got a boyfriend,
But she doesn’t know –
Later, deep in breakup hell
Just where those pics will go

6 thoughts on “Kelli’s Got A Boyfriend

  1. A signifying monkey grunted
    (keyboard-clever, morals stunted)
    from his perch in a digital tree.
    And next, did text (quite rapidly):
    “Courtship rituals won’t suffice.
    Face-to-face can’t break the ice.
    Instagram me! Tweet me up…
    friend me, like me, buttercup.
    Sentences are so outmoded –
    take too long to get decoded;
    primate sexting hits me faster,
    steers me towards your hot disaster.
    Female monkeys: send an image.
    (Ain’t got time for useless verbiage…)
    if your snout just might unseat me
    tweet me, greet me – don’t delete me.”

    Then, unpeeling fresh banana,
    searched his screen for Vox Humana…

  2. Poor Kelli.
    Although, and I did tell her, if she’d never made out with Josh that night, none of this would have ever happened.


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