Near Miss

Years ago
I knew this girl
With a beautiful face and
A beautiful heart

And I didn’t fall in love with her
Nor did I date her

Just in case readers of this blog
Might have started to think
That never happened to me

As a matter of fact, she is now around 50
Like I am
And she’s still beautiful
And we’re still friends

Truthfully, I am still friends with
Virtually all of my
Even my ex-wife

Possibly because
None of them know about this blog

I would hope, however, they would approve
Of the models I choose to represent them
In the stock photos I use on these pieces

Anyway, this girl
Looked like the model in the picture above
And she was always cold
Even during Florida summers

And last year, online
As we exchanged pleasantries
She told me that
She had a cat years ago
That she named after me

Because he was so bizarre

And I kind of liked that

A Few Good Words About… My Ex

Ok. The marriage didn’t work.
We’re now each happy (very) —
Perhaps it’s safe to say nice things,
Though not quite

When first we were divorced, it was
My son and me at home;
We had a yard sale
Nobody showed up to.

He was just five years old, and he
Had put up toys for sale –
Nobody came. Nobody
Wanted them

The tears were in his eyes, when I
Saw a familiar vehicle;
His mom showed up
To sample all his wares

And bought from him some toys that she
Had giv’n him in the first place.
But he was proud and happy,
Just the same.

And I was grateful to her, grateful
That she was concerned
Enough to see how well his sale
Was going

A lot of folks have ex’s, and
There is much heartache there,
But Lord knows I was grateful to her
That day

He’s older now, and troubled;
He has been quite cruel to her.
He’s struggled with addiction,
Mental illness —

But all that time, she has kept up
A cheerful willingness
To help him how she can and
When she could

And recently, they’ve reconnected.
I am very glad,
As he’s much better with her than
Without her

With all that she put up with,
Hell, she could have walked away:
I don’t know if I could have
Stayed the course —

For one thing I have learned: sometimes,
I’ve been a decent father,
But I’m a lousy mother,
Always was

Kelli’s Got A Boyfriend

Kelli isn’t the only one that’s had this happen.


Kelli’s got a boyfriend,
He likes her to pose:
So she sends him pictures
In her very hottest clothes

Some, she wears a little, and
In some she wears a lot;
But since he is her boyfriend
She will give him what she’s got

Kelli’s got a boyfriend,
But she doesn’t know –
Later, deep in breakup hell
Just where those pics will go