Near Miss

Years ago I knew this girl With a beautiful face and A beautiful heart And I didn’t fall in love with her Nor did I date her Just in case readers of this blog Might have started to think That never happened to me As a matter of fact, she is now around 50 Like … Continue reading "Near Miss"

Just A Thought About Ex’s

Ex’s can be troublesome — You’ll know this if you’ve had one — But its hard to know meals are great If you’ve not had A bad one

random memory number 217

i remember telling her how much i loved it when she would pull her hair away from her face — which she was amazed at. so she married me. even though she didn’t love me. so, guys — be careful saying stuff like that

The Ex

She asked if I still loved her, I said No. No, not at all. She said we share a child. I said Yes, I do recall. She said a part of me was hers That part she’s always got – I said My treasure’s elsewhere And my ex Won’t mark The spot