The Fantasies Men Have


Man Woman

Don’t know about all men
I haven’t met them all, you see;
I’m not sure that they’re all the same
With just one fantasy

That all guys have in common. In spite
Of what some might say:
There are as many fantasies
As men alive today

Times fifty-thousand, probably,
For each one has a lot.
The dreams that they’re awash in, sometimes,
Are all that they’ve got.

The fantasies men have, therefore,
Should be handled with care:
To make our dreams come true is all
That we can hope
Or dare

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3 Thoughts to “The Fantasies Men Have

  1. I don’t know. I believe women and men have fantasies. We need them to keep the energy for passion alive. Men need to look good and the woman the same. A beautiful woman can set the mind of most men alive. Beauty is clothing, sinful smile and testing new waters. Without fantasy. Men and women could turn to cold ducks. A interesting poem. Open the door to good conversation.

  2. Without fantasies, the world turns into a place without possibilities, which is a very cold place, indeed.

    I love your poetry, by the way. l’ve never read anyone like you.

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