As Darkness Falls

As darkness falls, so does his heart
For days of sweetness yet to come;
He reaches, in his mind, for part
Of something greater, as the crickets hum

The sun goes down, so do his thoughts,
To lives he’s never led at all.
And feeling still tied up in knots,
He sees the clouds roll up, the summer squall

The touch that he imagines there
Is such that any man might crave;
The storm, the crickets, serve to share
This knowledge:
He is lost
His cave

Enemy’s Border


He loved her with a desperate hope
That made of him a mess —
He looked for every little sign;
She could not have cared less.

His dreams beset him in the night,
He’d win, whate’er the cost:
He told her how their life would go,
She told him to
Get lost

Desperate Loneliness

In dreams of desperate loneliness
He thinks about her all the while;
But no technique or method can
Make him mean anything to her:
It’s not his place to ever cause that smile –

For there’s a gulf between the things
He wants to and will ever touch;
She’s beautiful, and on his mind,
But he’s a nobody to her:
There are not any straws left he can clutch –

The pattern’s there for all to see,
The lives and loves for which we thirst:
The fantasies we must indulge
If ever life we can aver,
Although we’ve fallen,
Hard and fast,

Men and Romance

(Idea taken from a conversation with Vonita over at Passion through Poetry. I hope she doesn’t mind – Owen)

And so we men, we dream of being heroes

For those we love, our very cherished few;

We have romantic dreams as well as women,

But these are dreams we’ll never

Admit to

No Photo Included

I now you’re stressed
There’s been the tension of moving
Our oldest daughter getting married soon
And you keeping our sixteen month old grandson every day

I know that
There’s not much left
For you to give

But I miss the feeling of being wanted
Feeling admired and desired
So I fantasize

I fantasize about you

I never knew why you loved me so intensely
And I know I’ve never deserved it

But I still miss it




Raging against a storm
The storm will go on, it has nothing to do with me

And I’ll shuffle around this new house
Putter around on my computer
And be up early again tomorrow
To go to work

And you and I will continue to give ourselves away

To everyone but each other

The Fantasies Men Have


Man Woman

Don’t know about all men
I haven’t met them all, you see;
I’m not sure that they’re all the same
With just one fantasy

That all guys have in common. In spite
Of what some might say:
There are as many fantasies
As men alive today

Times fifty-thousand, probably,
For each one has a lot.
The dreams that they’re awash in, sometimes,
Are all that they’ve got.

The fantasies men have, therefore,
Should be handled with care:
To make our dreams come true is all
That we can hope
Or dare