I Couldn’t Save Her

She’ s always dancing in my mind,
She’s always twenty-three —
As she was at that carefree time
Of thoughtless bravery

To love her was the everything
That I’d been searching for;
But light as was her blithesome heart,
She always wanted more

She wanted to know every ‘feel’
That other people felt;
She longed to view all of the cards,
To see each hand as dealt –

And long, she rode her winner’s luck
Across three continents —
Accompanied by her close friends:
The psycho-stimulants

‘Twas down in Costa Rica –
That was where it all would end —
Just one more party, one more yacht –
The last thing she’d attend —

I loved that girl with all I had;
And I still grieve, because
I could not be enough for her —
For nothing

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