from searching

people like to tell us to be satisfied when we are not, and not to be satisfied when we are, because people like to tell us what to do. but hunger, thirst, yearning, and desire are all there to tell us we are missing something. never come back early from searching until you’ve completed your … Continue reading "from searching"

City Gym at Night

We seek approval constantly In everything we do: We craft our image carefully In hopes it will come true We stare at phones, at windowpanes, And sometimes, our reflections, For every life’s a walk towards death In search of Resurrections

We seek because we hope to find…

We seek, because we hope to find A gallery among the blind; A bit of hope, a bit of rouge, A plot behind the subterfuge — The soft or strong, the give or take, The love we speak that then we make In choruses of two, entwined — We seek, because we hope To find

Untamed Desire

Dark is this strange, untamed desire, Making her restless as the sea; Flaring into bits of flame and fire, Burning the edge of her tapestry — Wind on the beaches, rolling waves, Voice of a love she’s yet to feel: Dark is this strange, untamed desire, Fantasy hopes, more felt Than real

The Yearning Season

We seek, at times, we-know-not-what, Empowered by our yearning; A season’s born and dies away, The restless earth keeps turning We scan, we search, expectantly, Just hoping that we’ll see it — The future that we long for, maybe We were meant To be it

bright and kissing

loving hearts go silent, missing, seeking colors bright and kissing, melted paths escaping sorrow, blurring into some tomorrow we once dreamed of, yesterday — ere we gave our hearts away

A Country Autumn – 2

The truth is this: our wishes and our dreams Tell more about us than appearances. What truly is, ensconced behind what seems: The barriers, the interferences That come from doing all our everyday Must-dos, that hide away our woulds and wills, The nose to wipe, the one-more bill to pay, The moving shadows stored online … Continue reading "A Country Autumn – 2"

Call Me Home

Tell me I can walk the fields, Call me home to golden grain; Let the Winter pass away, Take from me this grief and pain Close my eyes and heal my heart, In renewal of the day: Call me home to golden grain, Let the Winter pass Away

Speed Along the River

I long to span the distant way, To speed along the river; The chase to catch the winter sun, The secret Baltic shiver I long to find the meaning in The northern lights and cold — And speed along the river, ere The sky has lost Its gold