The Poet’s Fate

They wonder why he writes so much, That there’s so few will ever read; And what this strange compulsion is, This all-embracing need — But long he travelled through the shadows Of the vale of night: He first wrote just to breathe, But now he breathes So he can write   (“The Poet’s Fate” – … Continue reading "The Poet’s Fate"

Flotation Device

Reality’s not what she wants it to be, And so she makes her own In the virtual pages she fills each night In her study, all alone, At a place and a time and with people there Who speak to the ears of the wise; For the thoughts that she spills through her fingers and … Continue reading "Flotation Device"

Poetry 101

At fourteen years, he wrote his love (as best he could) a letter,   in hopes if she knew how he felt,   that she might love him better. But that’s not how the real world works   for guys who are not fighters,   who learn they’re on the outside in   with all … Continue reading "Poetry 101"

The Creative Type

I always wanted to be the creative type, Although I can’t say why now, looking back — You think of it as building sort of worlds, Instead of filling in some void, or lack — But what is it but random muscle play, Or telling jokes in giant empty halls, Recounting stories no one thinks … Continue reading "The Creative Type"


A blog is like a clothesline With garments out to dry In full sight of whoever may By chance be passing by And though there may be colors bright They’ll also be some holes (So maybe, now, a drier Should be one of my new goals) An old and worn technology, To journal out one’s … Continue reading "Clothesline"

The vistas of your mind

I see the vistas of your mind   as carried through your words;   the colors of your feelings,   ever-changing – The way you restlessly explore   each strange and new adventure;   the many places that your heart   is ranging — And what this is, is hard to know:   your vision, … Continue reading "The vistas of your mind"

Why Do We Write?

[I’ve decided to take a 30 day break from writing poetry and write essays instead. It probably will become evident why I write poetry, but, there it is. – Owen] Why do we write? The most common answer is some form of “writers write, because that’s what they do”. This answer avoids the question, of … Continue reading "Why Do We Write?"

Rune Rules

“Bring me the words,   And I’ll call forth the meaning.” “No, thanks,” I say. “I’ll do that on my own.”   The world’s restricted,   Limited our being;   But in the writer’s chair,   We’ve each   A throne