What I Learned (6)

About family relationships.

I repeatedly watch her chafe
uncomfortably, while her
family tells old stories of
embarrassing things she
did when she was much younger

She obviously hates it

They obviously know that

They obviously don’t care

What I learned?

Two things, really:

Not to try to
Fight her battles for her
That was my first impulse
And because
That didn’t go well

But second,
And more importantly:
The impulse that drives
Cruelty between parents,
Kids, or
Never goes away –
We just dress it up
In better excuses

But, I don’t believe
That “loving” someone
Is any excuse for
Trying to hurt them

What I Learned (4)

About Christmas.

The Christmas music was so beautiful
It made my cry

Then, suddenly
Another car cut me off in traffic

And I unleashed a stream of obscene invective
Towards someone who couldn’t hear me.

What I Learned?

I’ve still got a lot to learn
About Christmas

What I Learned (2)

About communication and relationships.

I married a woman I was in love with
We talked about “everything”…
Except the fact
That she was in love with somebody else

What I learned?

Try as you might
You can never know
How people really feel
If they will not tell you

What I Learned (1)

About the best use of time.

When I first started working
I asked a woman who lived near me
How long it took her to get to work

20 minutes, she said,
If I leave at such-and-such a time.
Or 40 minutes if I leave 10 minutes later.

What I learned?

It isn’t how fast you want to go
But how early you’re willing to leave