Toys: Hot Wheels (or “Success Tracks”)

We should know where we come from,
Where we get our ideals:
So, everything I need to know
I learned from having Hot Wheels

Like: if you want to get somewhere
Its not how fast you go,
But how well you prepare the track
That makes you fast or slow

And how, if winning’s what you need
And seek most avidly,
Then all the pushing in the world
Is not worth 


When Toys Were The Subject of My Dreams

(First published April, 2014. – Owen)

When toys were the subject of my dreams
I was a happy child, indeed;
With flying ships and laser beams
My every thought, my drink and feed

Reality soon came to call
And I crestfallen, most of all
With feeling dull reality
That I would no one special be

I had to find the strength I lacked
In all, the self’s more than it seems;
I knew that I could fly from back
When toys were the subject of my dreams