Toys: Astrolite

As a kid I imagined the future As crystalline cities in space: The great life ahead would be translucent times Lived out in a fantasy place Instead, I’m still in bricks and mortar, I’ve more of a cosmic house loan — And the closest I get to the world out beyond Comes from my Buzz Lightyear Ringtone

Toys: Nerf Football

The world creeps forward, sometimes, but Nerf football was a lunge – To take the world’s most violent game And play it with A sponge

Toys: 4 Piece Puzzle

To Kindergarten I was forced Without being consulted; And then you hand me this to do? I’m totally Insulted

Toys: Gameboy

I love completely this accursed thing (With its LCD screen and its 8-bit graphics) In the way of all first loves: Idealizing its virtues Overlooking its imperfections More for the memory of how I felt for the first time Than for the quality of the experience itself