In The Swirl of Moments

Now older, your dark hair turned to light, Your mind and words, sometimes, turn back on older days. I see you, lost in remembered joys: When you felt powerful, and the world was open wide. Perfectly beautiful, complete in yourself, You can’t disguise how much you feel you’ve lost. I did not know you in … Continue reading "In The Swirl of Moments"

“… with wings as eagles”

When it’s as though all reason’s lost its heart, And vagaries of ache give way to toil; There is a fever tears the soul apart, As trouble gathers, sorrow on the boil – The patient wait, although their strength may wane, For strength renewed through all they must endure: With wings as eagles, soaring through … Continue reading "“… with wings as eagles”"


Never confuse     Size with strength         Volume with determination             Or words with will             For she can’t be stopped         And she won’t be stopped     And she will break through Whether you think she … Continue reading "Talonflame"


The gathering of precious scent A home built up from laboring Transformative and neighboring On all that makes us reinvent

oiseau exotique

last night, a man of stone came crashing down encountering a oiseau exotique; a brightened tone, a slathering of just as much as could sustain, and light, and peak abeyance and obeisance and alight; the marble cold, the pillows warm and soft, a nuisance sent to crawl upon the earth that feels the upward draft, … Continue reading "oiseau exotique"


Transitions are for those who’re left behind; The guardians of what has come and gone Must live upon the banks of life repined, And make a king or queen of what feels pawn But she is there, with silence, or with touch To aid the healing of the sick and sore; To do, but not … Continue reading "Tuonela"

A Bird of Fire

The waves and wind Can stir and sing, The sky can flash And change; But none can do it Like she can, They do not have Her range The blue-and-greenest Day can come, But it seems dull Beside The splendor that Her presence brings Whenever we Collide