oiseau exotique

last night, a man of stone came crashing down
encountering a oiseau exotique;
a brightened tone, a slathering of just
as much as could sustain, and light, and peak

abeyance and obeisance and alight;
the marble cold, the pillows warm and soft,
a nuisance sent to crawl upon the earth
that feels the upward draft, and soars aloft

then pulled into the happening of times;
the messenger that must it's few words give
before the flock descends in wild race
and bids him rest apace, corroborative

the oiseau exotique that gliding turned
above alcazar fallen, empty, burned

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2 Thoughts to “oiseau exotique

    1. Thank you. And good question.

      The idea of this (ongoing) series was to talk about various aspects of my wife using mythological birds; the Firebird (Russian); the Swan of Tuonela (Finnish) and then … and then… the idea foundered. I have a few more birds in mind, but for the idea I wanted to convey here, I couldn’t find the right one.

      So — I fell back on the title a piece of piano music by Maurice Ravel entitled “Oiseaux tristes” (sad birds). When the idea is exoticism, using French seems to automatically (in English) add an exotic element. Hence “Oiseau exotique”.

      At least that was the idea.

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