… a Task to Do

The water dances here below the old abandoned mill; I know I've got a task to do, but I don't think I will. It isn't that I do not care, or that I'm big on shirking: It's just that that there's a presence here that rejects overworking

one more one more

one more one more bathing beauty one less blasted call to duty one time two times meretricious salted caramel delicious one way street no room for turning hit the beach they're soon adjourning once we were to truth attending one more one more day pretending

Daily, Everywhere

Daily, everywhere, I see Things no longer yet to be; Signs of what’s forever “after”, Moving swing, and children’s laughter Daily, everywhere, I find In my heart, and on my mind, Pictures left of what was leaving: Joy remembered, Present   Grieving

A Country Autumn – 4

“A battlefield this was” Is likely true Most everywhere we go If we just knew. But history, at least What we discuss Or think about, must Somehow concern us. But empathy, perspective – These can grow – Just know to think ‘Bout what you think You know