How Soon They Forget

A boy and his mother, slowly walking Kids voices behind them, indistinct His head down, she reaches out to stroke his hair He says to her, as they reach the car, “I’m not good at sports.” Stopping beside the car, She looks at him, this little man (he’s become) And says, “Sure, you are.” “No, … Continue reading "How Soon They Forget"

in eight plus lines

o let that one day not go past that she should once more sorrowed be; o please, if i could take that weight, provide to her self-clemency — i would. the heart that knows no law believes: it reaches out in pain to touch in healing whom it loves, and tries to soothe in all … Continue reading "in eight plus lines"

The Grove

I woke. My people turned to trees. Then wondered, if I had the chance Could I, too, with the cold winds learn   to dance?   It is the grove that gives us life. The sun, the soil that we share, The tears of those who watch o’erhead,   their left-by mulch, subconsciously aware — … Continue reading "The Grove"

Once, There Was A Girl

Once, there was a girl, Who was a person, not a picture — And anywhere she ventured to, My heart would also go — But time brought days, and days revealed The cracks in our foundation: For whether you “find out” or not, Eventually, you know — Like rain upon a lake, Our passive, commonplace, … Continue reading "Once, There Was A Girl"


My mind is always seeking patterns, Symmetries that I can find; Looking for associations Quaint or colorful or kind — All day long I’m seeking patterns, And at night, through dream and mare; Just to find, whene’er I see them, It’s my mind that Put them there

Flowers Cannot Fix It

You have this dream, that she’ll be there At dinnertime tonight And, if you make it perfect Everything will be alright But flowers cannot fix it Cannot make this dream come true: Don’t worry friend, she’ll smile again — But it won’t be With you

A Special Privilege

This place is warm and feels like home, Each thing reminds me of her; I have a special privilege – It is my job to love her The last few days, I’ve had a cold, She had one just last week; The autumn season juggernaut’s Left little time to speak But I go in the … Continue reading "A Special Privilege"

Stained-Glass Love

She gave to him a stained-glass love That looked so good in light so pure, But that turned cold within the dark And closing of the door. But other men still envy him The beauty he resides within; But they don’t the love he knows That involves neither heart Nor skin

On The Heights

Oh, no. There’s no depression anymore. All that despair, it’s really so jejune — I have a lot to do, and I’m content. There’s work enough for even a buffoon To rise before the sun, and tame the moon. Don’t look into my eyes, there’s nothing there; There’s no depression anymore — I swear. Oh, … Continue reading "On The Heights"