Individuals matter

Abstractions are necessities,
But something of a curse;
We hate and fight and die for them,
While everything gets worse
Like most things that we generalize
About the human race,
We judge from what we know about
Some fraction of the case
We dress up with the language of
The modern college mind,
What really is just bigotry
But of an approved kind
And so we judge all women,
Or then so we judge all men;
Not thinking individuals
Are worth considering
We shed tears for humanity
And how it’s been defiled;
And pass the grieving widow
Who has lost
Her only

The Future’s Here…

… to stay a bit.

The future’s here to stay a bit
And then become the past;
As only youthful ignorance
Thinks it will always last

That’s when it thinks at all, which I
Would say is not the norm;
The future’s here, it’s very bright;
But soon will come
The storm