portfolio tales – 31

near the end of things, we went together, we two: and all was quiet. yet below the near surface a great mystery remained

portfolio tales – 30

she sings the trees glad as a tune from a far time sung out to those ears that grow not from a gene's code but from a heart's search for song

portfolio tales – 29

nothing like driftwood enters into her planned world where all things are linked she finds to her great surprise the lost and disconnected

portfolio tales – 28

earth, sky, and water stretching across their wonder one more far journey at least taken together and enjoyed for what it is

portfolio tales – 27

beside such splendor we may feel somewhat chastised with all our frailty exposed by time's great forces as the frauds we often are but maybe wonder is the path to salvation coming now to see being small is okay when we use even that wisely

portfolio tales – 26

wander, now, my heart go out to the unknown world find your adventure denied within this safety a castle that's more a cage

portfolio tales – 25

in the oolong days we sat serenely facing our uncertainties overcame us though in time as our drinks grew cold and still

portfolio tales – 24

sunflower pasture sunlight and warmth manifest felt there together though different in meaning as temperaments lead to

portfolio tales – 23

between capturing and treasuring, there is all the difference: one values the collecting, the other collects value