Him Politic

When he discusses politics, He will describe the views Of others who oppose him; Though, it seems, he might confuse Exactly what they mean with what He wishes they would say; So he can then dismiss their thoughts As foolish overplay For what he says – viewed logically – Just makes no kind of sense: … Continue reading "Him Politic"

Appease On Earth

I know that it’s supposed to be a time to tell the hopeful truth, and share our love with those who are around. But some don’t care for hope, and give up truth to win at Lord-knows-what. So all the stockings are hung crooked We have the power and the sight; and with humility, we … Continue reading "Appease On Earth"


politics makes mobs of unused dead human brain cells
i fear the powerful, for they at last, are only people; within us all there is a place of selfishness, and evil and maybe you’re beyond that, but when faced with the temptation of doing anything you want at home, or in a nation you’d likely do what’s always done. in every place and hour, … Continue reading ""

False Consensus

Wherein I argue that getting only one side of a debate is a type of malnutrition...