The Light Is Sinking Low

Now go and rest, the light is sinking low,
And tired eyes deserve a little peace;
The running day has ended, soft and slow,
It’s time to bid your straggling worries cease.

Yes, rest: surrounded by the ones you love,
Sink down, and let the weight slip off your mind;
It’s time to raise your eyes, and look above,
And leave all of that sodden mess behind.

The work you had to do here, now is done;
The hearts you had to touch here, all are touched —
It’s time for you to focus on the one
You’ve never really cared for quite as much.

    So just let go – you’ve done your very best –
    The light is sinking low. Let go, and rest.



It was because of a place like this
From the slums my mom escaped;
And ’cause I hid in a place like this
My early teens were shaped

‘Twas from stories hidden in shelves like these
That my heart found it’s release:
Libraries may soon be a thing of the past
But to me, they always will be… peace