So I’ve been called irascible A charge that I find risible I seldom carp Or bellyache And mostly am invisible Yet I’ve been called a malcontent I guess that’s true to some extent But yet it seems To me at least My carping is a nonevent For when I take to grumbling It’s hesitant and … Continue reading "Irascible"

“A Mind of Winter”

He wanted to Revivify A purposeless Existence So joined the local Polychrome, And smiled at their Insistence — But though their colors Pleased the eye, Their way he’d soon Depart For bright prismatics Cannot house The silver-gray At heart

Red Roof

If I today could just unfeel   in someplace open and remote,   and wear my age like peeling paint,   with none to question, or misquote, I’d settle into solitude:   a red roof in a world so wide,   and revel in the emptiness   that mirrors how I feel   inside


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