6 Landscapes – 6

She was the rain, she gathered,
Threatening all things –

So many things-

And when she came down,
She surrounded me,

The storm raging wide
In glorious silhouettes —

Today this landscape
Distant sings:

She was the rain,
The rain, the rain —

And like the rain,

She fell
She fell

She fell

6 Landscapes – 5

Fat guide
Gait feud —
No matter how
I rearrange the letters,
I’m just tired, exhausted;
This long path, high grass,
And those receding mountains
Mock me. I’ve gone wrong,
Stumbled, and worked myself lost:
But all of it
I do,
And would again,
For the love of the land,
For love of the journey,
For knowing,
While life beat me down,
It never

Beat me

6 Landscapes – 3

This place was so alive when new, when young,
But now it’s dead. These dirty, empty streets:
This wire, strung like that of battlefields,
And weeds grown tall though watered with neglect.
But something uglier than time’s done this:
The way that people scorn forgotten ways,
And cast their vacant lots, and come up craps,
It’s all just misplaced bets, just vanity —
This lifeless husk where once the stalk grew green;
The once swept streets, now littered, lost,


light sudden rain

The sky, the trees, the earth in wash
A humid scent of heavy peace
The days my heart was open to
The language of the universe

When every color was a soul
And every leaf a boy or girl
When raindrops felt like holding hands
To bursting hearts who drank the world

Through straws that looked like human eyes
And human hearts in human skin
When hope was everything I knew
Of what’s to come or what had been

Just past a little lighted sign
For walkers caught out in the rain
And life was wonder wet and all
And solitude not loneliness

Or pain

Emptiness and Echoes

So accustomed to noise are we,
Our minds provide it
In our rare moments of silence.

When we cannot feel the world anymore,
We attempt to become the world,
A process fraught with anxiety,
And rife with chaos.

It is the silence we fear:
Discovering only then
What we truly believe the world to be,
Past our lies and our slogans:

Emptiness and echoes,
Regrets and recriminations,
And a desire, at all costs,

To keep the noise going


… today’s forecast calls for
fair-to-partly indifferent,
with a chance of afternoon apathy…

… is what should rather have been said.
alas, the daily forecast:
it’s big on generalities
but light on specifics.

if only traffic was so light,
or the rain,
or expectations.

but both light and lightness
are lacking,
one blocked by clouds, and
the other by


and this truck