Battling with my Heart

As long as I’ve had memories, I’ve battled with my heart; It doesn’t want what’s best for me, I know — Each day that I awake, the fighting once again will start; It happens now, wherever I may go Like rings inside of rings, as though I was made out of Saturns: I try to … Continue reading "Battling with my Heart"


A drop that spreads into a pool, And bleeds his conscience thereupon; To be, but be a useless tool — He feels depression coming on The slow way in, the quick way out, The answers leaving only doubt, The dash that turns to marathon — He feels depression coming on A spectacle, phenomenon, This sophistry … Continue reading "Onset"

Mental Illness

I am a broken down refrigerator That is hot inside instead of cold I still look like a working cooler But my insides are all wrong For everything I internalize Ends up spoiled   (“Mental Illness” – 7-23-2014)


she lived awash in frenzy, wracked with fear; i knew her when we both were locked in here — i lived, and she did not. i don’t know why: some stumble on, while others stop, and die — I wept, and watched time stop, and space get curved: for neither of us got what we … Continue reading "deserved"

beautiful can’t

beautiful can’t stop the voices screaming in her head; beautiful can’t bring the sleep she wishes for in bed beautiful can’t hide the visions chasing her at night; she’s beautiful, but that won’t keep the shadow from the light


What does it look like? Do you think you know?