not knowing

“not knowing” is possibly
the most misunderstood concept
we attempt to use

people will say
you should have known
but you missed the signs
when relationships turn out bad

this is often called
“20/20 hindsight”:
it is the illusion of control
retroactively applied

the argument is that
because person a is analogous to person b;
or because person a behaved x way in the past,
we should have foreseen with perfect clarity
that great unknown – ‘the future’

but the primary feature
of what we do not know
is that we do not know it

we can only guess
use our instincts
do our best

but we must know
that not only
do we ‘not know’
‘cannot know’

The Hidden Cost of Our Choices

There’s an economy of our desires
Where we want more than we can ever get
And day-to-day, as circumstance transpires
We long to do the things we haven’t yet

Some choices other things from us preclude
While more than one desire within us dwells
This is a fact not to be misconstrued
By what we choose, we forfeit something else

So even if we use no currency
We find that nothing that we choose is free

The Telling

My love for Her is very great
Within my heart it’s swelling;
And yet, it loses all it is
And more, then, in the telling

I try to put it into words
And so convey the feeling;
But like a bird, it flies away,
As though there was no ceiling

So to contain this cherishing.
And now, at last, I fear
No words I have can make you see
My Love the way
I see her

new neighbor

my new neighbor’s a doctor
now in practice on his own
his wife’s a doctor too
but still an intern

they both work insane hours
it must be a hectic life
it’s strange to think
they’re objects of some envy

their lives: imperfect, messy
but because of where they are
it’s somehow thought that they
live lives of ease

but there’s no guarantee
that either one will be successful
they both work hard
that’s all that i can see

but characterization
boxes other people in
to wherever our prejudice
might think

but this is not reality
and never has it been
my neighbors have big dreams
that’s all i see

Neighbor Couple