not knowing

“not knowing” is possibly the most misunderstood concept we attempt to use people will say you should have known but you missed the signs when relationships turn out bad this is often called “20/20 hindsight”: it is the illusion of control retroactively applied the argument is that because person a is analogous to person b; … Continue reading "not knowing"

{ decorated }

she’s decorated, certainly, but not for you, and not for you; whatever be your appetite, has no effect on what she’ll do o, how the eyes betray the soul, and leave us lone, and bitter — she’s decorated, certainly, but you can’t touch the glitter

The Hidden Cost of Our Choices

There’s an economy of our desires Where we want more than we can ever get And day-to-day, as circumstance transpires We long to do the things we haven’t yet Some choices other things from us preclude While more than one desire within us dwells This is a fact not to be misconstrued By what we choose, we … Continue reading "The Hidden Cost of Our Choices"

The Telling

My love for Her is very great Within my heart it’s swelling; And yet, it loses all it is And more, then, in the telling I try to put it into words And so convey the feeling; But like a bird, it flies away, As though there was no ceiling So to contain this cherishing. … Continue reading "The Telling"

It’s Easy

It’s easy to know everything – Merely limit The amount of reality You are willing to experience

On 21:3:11

Much there is that’s beautiful, Far stretches time and space; We strive with conscience dutiful Infinity to face – Yet what we cannot fathom We hide behind a mask; And do not know our limits Because we never ask