A Sea-Grass Elegy

We come, but like the wind that blows, We pass. Into our hibernation, Hidden in recesses and in nooks, Until the passing crowd goes mute. We reach, but like the grass that waves, We’re firmly rooted to what we can do, The limits of our kind, And scarcely see beyond our patch of land. But: … Continue reading "A Sea-Grass Elegy"

Fashion Sense

I tried to write what you had worn, But then I had to strike it; For fashion I don’t really get, Except, I know I like it. I’m kind of dumb that way, I think. My eye just misses detail — There’s, like, some jewelry and some hair, And then my verbal (epic) fail. I … Continue reading "Fashion Sense"


Experience is manifold, Our senses intertwine; We struggle then, to reproduce By word or tale or sign The things that we’ve found beautiful, That caused our heart to melt – And find our sketches fall far short Of what we really felt