{ shadows on the lake }

Because I knew the truth,   the world lay open to me,   strange as it all seemed. The evening was aglow, I remember,   with possibilities;   the trees had lost their leaves   just as I was gaining mine,   and the etchings in the fading sky   were dissipating like distant smoke. … Continue reading "{ shadows on the lake }"

The Largest Imaginations

The largest imaginations Begin in the smallest rooms: From local water, sun, and dirt The brightest flower blooms. But “harrowing” works in several ways. We have so far to go — The largest imaginations Still need much care To grow

Of Paradise

There is a history, untold, Of paradise and passions bred; And so we spend our living days Among the houses of the dead Beneath the selfsame sky they knew, We walk their paths, and feel their souls: For all that was, is yet to be, And written on our own hearts’ scrolls There was a … Continue reading "Of Paradise"

Sorrow Is Teaching

Sorrow is busy teaching empathy now. There are classes daily, and nightly — And we’re all enrolled already: We just may not Know it yet


To learn, to know To reach, to grow To pass where others Fear to go To find the edge To push beyond To listen taut And then Respond