{ shadows on the lake }

Because I knew the truth,
  the world lay open to me,
  strange as it all seemed.

The evening was aglow, I remember,
  with possibilities;
  the trees had lost their leaves
  just as I was gaining mine,
  and the etchings in the fading sky
  were dissipating like distant smoke.

But even in our clearest moments,
  we see ourselves like
  shadows on reflections;
  the colors of our joys and
  attendant griefs, swirling around,
  passing into the dim like
  shadows on the lake

Of Paradise

There is a history, untold,
Of paradise and passions bred;
And so we spend our living days
Among the houses of the dead

Beneath the selfsame sky they knew,
We walk their paths, and feel their souls:
For all that was, is yet to be,
And written on our own hearts’ scrolls

There was a story, long ago,
Of paradise and brilliance shed,
And so, these hours in the sun,
Where blue desires led to red

As time goes to infinity,
So we must go as humankind;
For all that was, is yet to be,
Our past and future, intertwined

Of paradise, there’s much to learn —
Like knowledge, softly shaken, in its turn

The Sluice

There is so much I do not know
Or do not understand;
And knowledge seeps in slowly, like
A sluice that’s full of sand

For I would take in more; I find
Much I have is outmoded —
The sluice I have’s not working right,
It’s like it’s overloaded —

The lake that I’ve become is old,
It really needs improving;
But I must unjam something, so
To keep the water


Many things come in a sequence,
We learn this while very young;
It’s not just letters,
It’s an alphabet —

Like night leads into day,
And spring to summer, fall to winter;
These patterns we can see
And don’t forget

Except, I think, the type of sequence
Called “a consequence”;
This type of thing we often
Don’t recall

Like knowing that lies lead to lies
And distrust, once uncovered;
And that self-centered pride
Leads to a fall